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Your feedback and bug reports are critical to making SwiftKey on Android better. We have curated a huge repository of information so please look around and see if your question has already been answered. 

To report a bug on Android, simply tap on the “Contact Support” link and fill out the necessary information.

Please make sure that you are running the newest version of SwiftKey.

If you have questions about the SwiftKey Keyboard for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch please visit our iOS Support Portal.

Knowledge Base

  1. Layout & Themes 

    1. Themes & Customizations FAQ
    2. I just got a new phone, where are the themes and content I’ve previously bought?
    3. Where has my split/thumb key gone?
    4. How do I change my physical keyboard settings?
    5. How can I display a central numeric keypad on my device?
  2. Store & Billing 

    1. Billing & Store FAQ
    2. What is the SwiftKey Store?
    3. How do I access the SwiftKey Store?
    4. Why isn't the theme I tried to buy showing up?
    5. I previously paid for SwiftKey, why do I still have to pay for the Premier Pack?
  3. Cloud & Personalization 

    1. Cloud & Accounts FAQ
    2. What is SwiftKey Cloud?
    3. How does SwiftKey Cloud work with a new phone or device?
    4. How do I sign into SwiftKey Cloud?
    5. If I upgrade, what will happen to my learned data?
  4. Emoji 

    1. Emoji, Languages & Typing FAQ
    2. Why are my emoji black and white?
    3. Why are my emoji different from other apps or iOS?
    4. How do I turn on emoji predictions to make emoji show up in the prediction bar?
    5. My emoji looks fine from my device but why do they look different on my friend's phone?
  5. Download & Install  

    1. Will my SwiftKey Tablet be upgraded?
    2. I have an SD card so why am I being told I need an SD card when I try to install?
    3. Can I install SwiftKey on more than one phone?
    4. I’ve installed SwiftKey so why does the keyboard on my phone looks the same?
    5. How do I upgrade to the latest version of SwiftKey?
  6. General Information 

    1. What makes SwiftKey's predictions so good?
    2. How do I report bugs?
    3. How are improvements in efficiency and keystrokes calculated?
    4. Does SwiftKey provide typo and spelling correction?
    5. What is Smart Space?
  7. Features 

    1. How do I?
    2. Does SwiftKey replace double spaces with a period/full-stop?
    3. How do I insert one of the small letters above the primary keys?
    4. Does SwiftKey support multi-touch? What does it mean for my typing?
    5. When I press space, SwiftKey keeps choosing a word for me. How do I turn this off?
  8. Languages 

    1. Can I use SwiftKey with more than one language?
    2. How do I update my languages?
    3. Updating a language isn't working. How do I fix it?
    4. Why can't I download my language pack?
    5. Why did my language pack disappear or fail to load?
  9. Known Issues and Bugs 

    1. SwiftKey is crashing after SwiftKey 5 update
    2. Is SwiftKey causing my battery to drain quicker than before?
    3. Why am I losing my language pack after reboot?
    4. My currency key on the home keyboard does not match my language/layout selection.
    5. Why won't SwiftKey work with my Kindle Fire or Nook Color?
  10. Performance 

    1. Performance FAQ
    2. Why are my personal predictions not working? Troubleshooting
    3. Why is SwiftKey is using so much memory?
    4. Why am I experiencing a lot of lag?
    5. What versions of Android OS does SwiftKey Keyboard support?
  11. Other 

    1. How can I find out which version of SwiftKey I am using?
    2. How do I access SwiftKey's settings?
    3. Where is the percentage key?
    4. How do I unsubscribe from SwiftKey product emails?
    5. I keep getting a notification saying "Choose input method"
  12. Privacy 

    1. What Permissions are requested during the installation of SwiftKey and why?
    2. A warning on Android says SwiftKey may collect personal data like credit card numbers and passwords. Does it?
    3. SwiftKey is predicting my password - how do I stop it doing this?
    4. Do you store my password when authorizing personalization from other accounts?
    5. What data is collected / sent while using SwiftKey?
  13. All articles 

    1. Will my SwiftKey Tablet be upgraded?
    2. How can I find out which version of SwiftKey I am using?
    3. How do I resize my keyboard?
    4. What is the extended layout? How can I use it?
    5. How do I insert numbers using SwiftKey?
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