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Let me disable all those Emojis.

I have no need for any of the several hundred emojis that my phone now loads whenever I want to write ":-)" to someone. I've always only used the standard emojis, and I really see no reason to start using the others. But now my keyboard is sluggish because it needs to load the rest. Can I please have the option to disable them?

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    Anders Frandsen shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    AdminRyan (Community Manager, SwiftKey) responded  · 

    Hello Community,

    Thank you for expressing your feedback. While emoji was a very highly suggested feature we realize that emoji are not for everyone.

    You do not have to use these new emojis at all. We understand how they can turn SMS’s with emoji into MMS and cost you more money.

    The original emoticons are still available for use if you launch the emoji happen and swipe to the far right panel.

    Alternatively, you can go into:
    1) SwiftKey settings
    2) Layout
    3) Chose to have emoji show up by longpress or shortpress – so you don’t even have to bring up the emoji panel.

    We look at all feedback and take it into account.


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      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Get a toggle on/off update ASAP please. Dont want to stop using SwiftKey cos of this

      • Anonymous commented  · 


      • Leroy Brocksieck commented  · 

        The suggestion to use the long press option in no way addresses the issue. The damned pile of **** is always popping up unexpectedly on me because I linger a too long on the enter button for SwiftKey's tastes. I have no use for them. I do not want them and I do not like them. I want to use SwiftKey without having the entire damned keyboard transform into useless **** at unpredictable times.

      • J commented  · 

        Your emoji makes SwiftKey useless in hangouts. The baked in emoticons fail to work or register in the history when using SwiftKey. Give us an option to turn them OFF not just ignore your half baked solution.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Great app, but get rid of the **** emoji's. Needs an on/off function. There are those of us who think they suck out loud!

      • Buford Binghamton commented  · 

        I have been a faithful swiftkey user for years now. Unfortunately.... I will no longer be using the app because I cannot turn off the emoji setting. Many times when I hit enter, the emojis come uo. It is very annoying. Sadly... There is no way to turn the emoji setting off. You could very easily do an update and move the emoji to a key that is hardly used. The enter key should be nothing but an enter key. I will now be using the htc sense keyboard. While the text prediction is not nearly as good as swiftkey.... I won't have to deal with emojis anymore. Please fix this annoying issue so I can come back.

      • DK commented  · 

        Dear Ryan,

        I love SwiftKey and I've convinced many of my friends to use it as well. I was in fact, referred to the product by one of my friends.

        I have a concern. I have learned to type very quickly by having the long press time reduced to just a fraction of a second, which makes the Emoji icon easy to activate inadvertently, regardless of what option I choose in the layout option.

        I ask that this Emoji feature have the option to toggle on or off in the settings/layout menu. I love the fact that you listen to your customer's feedback (I purchased SwiftKey) and that you've brought Emoji for a wide range of users, but you need to take into account that the Emoji feature has been disruptive to my typing needs. Any potential positive experience I could have used with Emoji has been marred by it's presence and association with the Enter Key, and I just can't wait to exit out of it's laggy interface and switch back to my keyboard. I've never used a single Emoji icon. Providing new features is great and I'm sure many love it, but in it's current form is counter productive and takes away from the time I could be saving in typing, which is the entire point of your product.


        SwitKey Fan

      • JAK commented  · 

        Please include an option to utterly remove Emoji from my phone/swiftkey. Swiftkey is already beyond massive in size, sluggish as ****. I have absolutely no use for picture smileys. Swiftkey is still the best of the keyboard replacements, but this is one of the major cons.

      • Jperson commented  · 

        When I type ":)" into my swiftkey keyboard, it instantly turns it into an emoji. I prefer to use ":)" on occasion, and dislike it changing automatically. There is no setting that disables "autocorrecting" my emoticon into emoji. Please fix this

      • Disgruntled User commented  · 

        Please give an option to remove the function, disable the key or provide an earlier version of Swiftkey without this addition.

        It is a nuisance, and I have posted little neckties and shoes unintentionally html forum posts, because they don't show up until after they post.

        Please...either move the key or disable it, or provide an earlier version of Swiftkey.

      • David commented  · 

        Please let us disable this. I am not a 16 year old girl, I do not need to be texting puppies and winky faces to my friends. The fact that we can't disable them is mind boggling

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        +1 to completely disable. Got to this page by Googling how to remove it altogether.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Please provide a way to just completely disable emoji options all together even if the enter key is long pressed. Instances when a phone is lagging, swiftkey always brings up emoticon options. This is childish. No grown man wants to use emoticons. Please provide a way on keyboard layout to simply disable emoticon all together. The reason why many decide to use 3rd party keyboard is to be able to customize. Pushing for emojis on people who do not want it would contradict that very reason why people are using Swiftkey.

      • slavoog commented  · 

        Yes PLEAs, I want basic emoji :) :D ;) :/

      • Balazs commented  · 

        Please off these idiot emoji module. I want back to the old ":)" button.

      • Liam Gilroy commented  · 

        I would also really appreciate the option to just straight up disable emoji so they don't ever show up, whether I am long pressing or short pressing or what.

      • Carl commented  · 

        So far, I haven't seen too many people that like emoji. Please take the hint and let us disable them! Going back to my regular keyboard.

      • Krabbe Gurgel commented  · 

        What IS the point of emoji in a keyboard? The recipient won't see them as images, unless that person also has got Swiftkey (?)
        Every imaginable messenger app has got their own emojis, and you know they'll be the same to both participants, so why?

        It seems utterly pointless.

      • Chris commented  · 

        Just here to +1 the request to allow disabling emoji. I liked the old 'standard text-based smiley' button that worked instantly. If I long pressed and released, instant ':-)'. If I long pressed and dragged, I could instantly select from the various text-based ':-)' (similar to how the period key works with comma, exclamation, etc). Now, all the button is good for is causing a jarring delay as it loads up the emojis, and then you must hunt and peck for the emoticon. Please add an option to revert to the old behavior.

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