What is your SwiftKey bug?

Pops up slower than native keyboard

On my Galaxy S4 (unrooted), SwiftKey takes twice as long as the native Samsung keyboard to pop up.

I have the latest SwiftKey version from Google Play. I never installed any beta versions.

I timed the pop up time of both the native Samsung keyboard and the SwiftKey keyboard many times. Please make SwiftKey pop up faster to make it a perfect replacement for the native Samsung Keyboard. Otherwise, the longer pop up delay is annoying.


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    Sha shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Sarah commented  · 

        SwiftKay was amazing on my old Galaxy S3, now have an S5, and Swiftkey is oodles slower than Samsung keyboard... Please make it faster!

      • Matanfr commented  · 

        Same problem here. Galaxy Note 3 running kitkat, takes much time to pop up when using whatsapp.

      • Alex Levicius commented  · 

        Same problem on g2, pops up too slow. Specially in WhatsApp.

      • Aravind commented  · 

        An option to disable the emoji should cure the problem for the non-emoji users, a button to disable the learning mode temporarily could help on devices with low stats. Enable the option to run the app in skeletal mode

      • GjT commented  · 


        it is always running and therefore always in memory [unless it crashes].

        In fact, it is consumes quite a lot of memory and this will impact the speed that the keyboard pops up. For example, at the moment: 48.7MB RSS (Resident Set Size) - 11.2 MB Shared (could be shared, but often not true)).

        However, to your point, Linux OS will probably page out some of the SwiftKey memory pages when not in use (running, but hiding in the background), so this will also impact the pop up time.

        Probably if certain options were turned off it would reduce the memory consumption and reduce the lag? Or maybe by using more than one dictionary it impacts the memory consumption and the pop up time?


      • Francois Bibeau commented  · 

        I agree. I would suggest you give the option to keep Swiftkey pre-loaded in memory. For phones like the Note 3 that has a ton of RAM, it would be a great option to have. Thanks.

      • Marco commented  · 

        Verified on my Moto G. Quite annoying.
        Even more annoying is that sometimes it keeps lagging for about 2 seconds AFTER it has popped up.

        Can you (or can we) do something about these issues? I love this keyboard...

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I agree as well. Swiftkey pops up very slowly. Maybe an option to keep it in memory would help? And of course slimming down the app should help too ;-)

      • Dario commented  · 

        i agree.. it's slower than aosp keyboard on moto g. but it's slower than touchpal X as well.

      • Stuart Ross commented  · 

        Agree whole heartedly! Very slow indeed. More than just annoying, it's a bummer. Please speed up ASAP.

      • Luc Frbežar commented  · 

        Yes. It's a good second (sometimes more) slower at popping up and hiding away than my stock Sense 6 keyboard that is instantanious. This is the first and foremost problem that needs to be addressed.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        This is because SwiftKey is a bigger application than the stock keyboard, and also because contrary to the stock keyboard, SwiftKey is not preloaded in memory.

      • Rishabh Gupta commented  · 

        Same problem with Samsung Galaxy S3 (i9300) with JB 4.3

      • Jay Hannah commented  · 

        Same problem with the htc One M8. I tried Swype + Dragon and surprisingly its faster than the Google keyboard but sadly there is no emoji support. Come on Swiftkey you can do better....

      • Martín Balzarini commented  · 

        I have the same problem on a G2. Using the Stock Rom or an AOSP rom, Swiftkey is always slower than the stock keyboard (LG's or Google's)

      • GjT commented  · 

        I completely agree that the pop up timeframe for the SwiftKey keyboard is longer than it should be. I have a Samsung Galaxy S III running Cyanogenmod 10.2.

      • Frank commented  · 

        Fully agree. I now even have an app (Sailforms) where it doesn't pop up at all!

      • Fouse Quentin commented  · 

        Same here could you answer about it?
        Anything we can do by ourselves?

      • Anthony Quiroga commented  · 

        Same with nexus 5 need to faster and more memory efficient

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