SwiftKey is predicting my password - how do I stop it doing this?

SwiftKey is designed never to learn from or predict what you enter in a specified password text field. It is up to the website or application you are logging into to build that specification into the field.

However, there are some situations out of our control where your password might be remembered by the prediction engine. The usual culprits are:

  1. You previously sent an SMS message containing your password. 
  2. A typed password in an email. 
  3. In some cases websites or apps do not correctly inform SwiftKey that a particular field was a password field.
  4. If you use the “show password” option on an app or website, that text field will no longer be identified as a password field.

If you find your password is being predicted, you can easily remove the word from SwiftKey’s dynamic language model by long-pressing (tap and hold) on the word in the prediction bar when it is shown and tapping ‘Remove’.

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