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I don't see any emoji. How do I get them?

SwiftKey Keyboard emoji uses the standard Android font. Currently, emoji are only supported by Jellybean and KitKat (Android 4.1 and higher).You may not be seeing emoji if you are on an Android version lower than 4.1.

If available, the emoji menu is accessed from the keyboard by pressing / long pressing (tap and hold) the emoji / enter key in the bottom right corner, depending on your settings choice for this key.

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Why are my emoji different from other apps or iOS?

SwiftKey Keyboard emoji uses the standard Android font. This means, that depending on what version of Android your device(s) are running and what app you are using, the look and color of the emoji will be impacted.Some apps, such as Facebook and WhatsApp have built in their own variations of emoji that are different from the Android system font.

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How do I turn on emoji predictions to make emoji show up in the prediction bar?

  1. Go into Settings
  2. Select ‘Advanced’
  3. Check the box marked ‘Emoji predictions’
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Are emoji predicted in my language?

Currently emoji is only predicted in 21 languages. We will be adding more soon.

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My language pack disappeared or can’t be downloaded.

If your language pack disappeared, there is not a great work around besides downloading it again. We are working on this bug.

If there is a download error, please read the full article for a detailed fix.

Will you add my language?

If your language is not currently supported, please suggest or vote on the language(s) you’d like to see added here and be sure to use the category "New languages".

How do I enable Flow?

  1. Go into SwiftKey Settings
  2. Tap Input Methods
  3. Check the box for ‘SwiftKey Flow’
Please note that this will disable the gestures to delete a word or hide the keyboard with a directional swipe.

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Capitalization questions

Most capitalization issues can be resolved or worked around by cycling the cases by tapping the “shift” key. When the cursor is on a word tapping shift will cycle between Title Case, CAPS, and lowercase. 

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How do I add a word to the dictionary, or get rid of a word I don't want?

SwiftKey Keyboard learns as you type. To teach SwiftKey a new word, simply tap the word in the prediction bar. To remove a word, you can press and hold the word in the prediction bar and tell SwiftKey to not predict the word again.

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How do I turn the number row on / off?

  1. Go into Settings
  2. Select ‘Layout’
  3. Check/uncheck ‘Number Row’ 
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