Why isn't the theme I tried to buy showing up?

You should first check and see if the purchase has in fact been completed from Google Play. There are several indicators that an error happened before the purchase went through. In this case, please go ahead and buy the theme again.
  1. In the SwiftKey Store you will still see a price attached to the theme. If the purchase has been confirmed you will see “purchased”.
  2. In almost every case there should have been an error that includes a line saying “You have not been charged”.
  3. If you have not received a receipt from Google Play within a few hours of your attempt.
If you see that a theme has been purchased, or you can otherwise verify that your account has been charged and you cannot see your theme in the “Themes” section accessed from Settings, then there is an error connecting to the SwiftKey server.

Please check back in the SwiftKey Store and press the 3 dots on the top of the menu screen and click “Restore Purchases”. This should reconnect to our servers and allow you to download the theme to your phone.


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