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Does SwiftKey Support Themes

SwiftKey does support themes. There are 15 themes provided within the app available to you from the 'Themes' area out of the Settings Menu. There are also many more beautiful themes for download and purchase available in the SwiftKey Store. More themes are being added regularly so check back often.

I just got a new phone, where are the themes and content I bought? 

Your purchased themes and content are all backed up to your SwiftKey Cloud account. Just as apps you download from Google Play are assigned to a Google account, your SwiftKey Keyboard content works the same way. 

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How much space and memory do themes take up?

While themes vary in size, they are quite small. A single theme will typically be under 1MB with the largest being 1.5MB.

All themes are downloaded to your device’s external memory if possible. For most high end devices, even downloading 30 themes will only take up a minimal amount of storage space.

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How do I change themes?

To change your theme, you can long press the Settings key and access 'Themes' directly from the launcher that pops up. From there, tap on the theme you wish to use. You should see a checkmark next to the theme you’ve selected.

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I previously paid for SwiftKey but I still have to pay for the Premier Pack.

All SwiftKey Keyboard users who have previously paid for the app can download the Premier Pack as a gift. This is designed to work without issue, but if you experience an issue you may be signed into a different Google Account than the one you originally used to purchase SwiftKey Keyboard. Please check your Google Play receipt and the system Google Account on your phone to make sure they are the same.

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I tried to buy a theme but the transaction failed and my theme isn't showing up.

You should first check and see if the purchase has in fact been completed from Google Play. There are several indicators, listed below, that an error happened before the purchase went through. If that is the case, please go ahead and purchase the theme again.
  1. In the SwiftKey Store, you will still see a price attached to the theme. If the purchase has been confirmed, you will see “purchased.”
  2. In almost every case there should have been an error that includes a line saying “You have not been charged.”
  3. If you have not received a receipt from Google Play within a few hours of your attempt.
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Will you make more new themes?

Yes, with the introduction of the SwiftKey Store, we will now be able to easily add more themes and content to the store. We’ve invested significantly in growing our design team, and are really excited to bring you guys more new themes.

How do I switch between different keyboards?

On devices running Android 4.0 and above, whenever the keyboard is on screen you should see a notification in the notification bar (it looks like a little keyboard) that will take you to the input method selection screen when tapped.

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How do I change my keyboard layout?

There are many ways to customize your keyboard layout to fit your needs. There are 3 layout options that can be reached by tapping and holding the SwiftKey logo button and choosing one from the bottom row of the launcher.

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How do I change the sounds or vibrations that my keyboard makes? 

To configure your sounds and vibrations, go to Settings > Sound & Vibration. You can turn sounds on and off, turn haptic (vibration) feedback on and off, or change the length of the vibration.

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