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SwiftKey is crashing repeatedly.

Please report this to the Support Team by clicking the “Contact Support” button to the right. In your description please be sure to include:
  1. Your SwiftKey version which can be found in the ‘About SwiftKey’ of the Settings menu
  2. Your current Android OS version
  3. The make and model of your device
  4. Detailed steps as to what exactly you did / do to experience this crash
  5. The exact text of any error you see
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My predictions got significantly worse after updating.

If you feel that your predictions are poor, please see the steps below. Please not you should have Cloud with Backup & Sync enabled otherwise you will lose your language data.
  1. Open your device System Settings
  2. Tap App Manager (or similar)
  3. Find and tap ‘SwiftKey Keyboard’
  4. Tap ‘Clear cache and data’
  5. Open SwiftKey Keyboard and make sure that all of your settings are how you like them
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I'm experiencing a lot of lag.

This is often a problem with older phones or those with many high memory usage apps running. Try closing other large apps, restarting the keyboard, using only one language, disabling Flow, or as a last resort clearing your cache.

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SwiftKey is draining my battery.

Please make sure you update to the newest version of SwiftKey as versions 4.4 or 4.5 had bugs that were occasionally causing excess battery drainIf you are on the newest version of SwiftKey, there is a rare bug with Google Play Services that causes Location Services to drain battery while in the SwiftKey Store. Google should be releasing a bug fix to this soon.

Random words are being capitalized.

This is a bug that we are currently working on. The newest release has put in place several bug fixes around this issue. However, it is not a retroactive fix, so you may need to retrain SwiftKey Keyboard.
  1. Long press the word in the prediction bar
  2. Select ‘do not predict again
  3. Tap on the correct lowercase version
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Capitalization is not working right.

SwiftKey has a feature that allows you to toggle a completed between Title Case, CAPS CASE, and lower case by tapping the shift key while the cursor is somewhere touching that word. Unfortunately this has caused an error that occasionally shows up with words with strange capitalization schemes such as 9GBish where user will not see the direct verbatim text in the candidate bar.

By clicking through this “shift” cycle, you should get to your desired outcome, even if it is not showing up initially in the candidate bar.

Flow trails aren't showing up.

This is a rare occurrence that can almost always be resolved by closing the application you are typing in and re-opening. If the Flow Trail disappears, you should still be able to type normally using Flow or tapping without affecting your predictions until you are able to reset the messaging application.

My keyboard reverts to default after each SwiftKey update (KitKat devices).

We’re aware of this issue, and are really sorry for the inconvenience.

We’ve worked with Google to determine the cause of the issue. After researching this in depth, Google has told us this is a regression in the Android framework. They’ve also assured us that this will be resolved in a future update to the Android operating system.

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