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What is the SwiftKey Store?

The SwiftKey Store is a place where users can download and purchase themes and other content to customize their SwiftKey experience. You will need to sign into Cloud to access the Store and all purchases are made through your Google account. The SwiftKey Store will be updated with new content regularly.

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Why do I need Cloud to access the SwiftKey Store?

You will need to sign into SwiftKey Cloud to access the SwiftKey Store so that we are able to identify you as the owner of any content that you purchase. This also ensures that all of your purchases are backed up so that you can access them from any device you use to sign into SwiftKey Cloud. If your device is lost, stolen or upgraded, you can access all of your content upon re-installing SwiftKey Keyboard on the new device

I just got a new phone, where are the themes and content I bought?

Your purchased themes and content are all backed up to your SwiftKey Cloud account. Just as apps you download from Google Play are assigned to a Google account, your SwiftKey Keyboard content works the same way. When you download SwiftKey Keyboard on your new phone, be sure to sign into the same SwiftKey Cloud account that you used to purchase your content from the SwiftKey Store.

Why isn't the theme I tried to buy showing up?

You should first check and see if the purchase has in fact been completed from Google Play. There are several indicators that an error happened before the purchase went through. In this case, please go ahead and buy the theme again.
  1. In the SwiftKey Store, you will still see a price attached to the theme. If the purchase has been confirmed you will see “purchased.”
  2. In almost every case, there should have been an error that includes a line saying “You have not been charged.”
  3. If you have not received a receipt from Google Play within a few hours of your attempt.
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I previously paid for SwiftKey, why I still have to pay for the Premier Pack?

All SwiftKey Keyboard users who have previously paid for the app are being given the Premier Pack as a gift. There may be several reasons for why you haven’t yet received yours:
  1. You may be signed into a different Google Account than the one you originally used to purchase SwiftKey Keyboard. Please check your Google Play receipt and the system Google Account on your phone to make sure they are the same.
  2. If you are on a new phone or device, you will need to sign into the same SwiftKey Cloud account you were previously using.
  3. If you paid for the app, but never signed into Cloud, you are still entitled to this Premier Pack. If you are on a new phone that has never had SwiftKey Keyboard installed before, you may not get recognized as a paid user in the new app.
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Can I purchase themes and content through PayPal or other services?

Themes and content are only available for purchase through the Google Play Store using payment methods set up in Google Wallet.

If you can set up a payment through your Google Account, it will work in the SwiftKey Store. This includes Credit Cards, Google Play Store gift cards, and PayPal where it is currently available.

To set up your Google Play account payments, please go here:

Can I get themes and content from the Amazon Store?

Currently, themes and content are only available through the Google Play Store

Can I return or get a refund on a theme I purchased?

All theme purchases are final, unless there is a technical issue where the theme does not work or look as it was designed.

I got SwiftKey from another market like Amazon, Nokia, or Pit. What do I do?

You can still use SwiftKey Keyboard if you purchased the app from Amazon, AndroidPIT or have the app preinstalled on your device. However, if you want to have access to the SwiftKey Store and further updates, you will have to download the now free app from the Google Play Store.

I recently bought SwiftKey Keyboard, can I get a refund?

We are very sorry that you are not satisfied with SwiftKey Keyboard. We are incredibly thankful to our loyal users who have previously paid for and been using our app. If you have purchased the app within the past 2 weeks and do not feel like we have met your expectations and would like a refund, please follow these steps:
  1. Click on the “Contact Us” link on the right
  2. Please let us know the Google Order number and date of purchase which can be found on your purchase receipt emailed to you, or by going to
  3. In the next screen select “Store & Billing”
  4. Submit your request
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