Why am I experiencing a lot of lag?

We focus quite heavily on performance and speed in every build. If SwiftKey Keyboard is slowing down for you this may be because of one of several reasons.
  1. There are apps consuming too much memory so the keyboard can't use enough to work quickly. (This happens when you have multiple high memory usage apps running). If you have these apps open try closing them. Or if you have the SwiftKey Store or the Theme Page open, closing it might help as well.
  2. The phone is a lower end device and does not have enough memory to be used by the keyboard. If this is a hardware limitation, there is very little that can be done. Closing the app (by switching keyboards or stopping it manually) will force everything to reload and will free some memory, but the initial load will be slow.
  3. Try only using one language and disabling Flow.
  4. Clearing the app cache can help as a last resort but we don't recommend this as a solution for experienced lag.
We understand that some of you are experiencing significant lag that these steps do not resolve. This is a known issue and is currently our team's number one priority. We are working hard to fix this as quickly as possible. 

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