Why is SwiftKey is using so much memory?

There is a bug with a few Android 4.4.3 users. The app is working fine, but the memory usage report is a bit broken. So there are some reports of elevated memory reporting, even though it is using the actual expected amounts.

When using the SwiftKey Store you will see memory usage jump. This is to help serve images and run the Store effectively. When you close the Store, and immediately look at memory usage, it will still show the elevated amount. 

This is because Android reports a watermark which means that the memory is being saved there in case you want to go back into the Store. This will load all the images etc much faster. This memory is not being used though and is available for any other need that Android has. This is actually just efficient memory usage, but the report looks like we are using more memory than we are.

Themes will not impact memory. There is only one ever loaded so memory usage will not change regardless of number of themes downloaded. 

There are a few potential solutions if memory is high and the app / phone is lagging.
  1. Close high memory usage apps like FB and Twitter. 
  2. Closing and restarting SwiftKey may help 
  3. Use only one language
  4. Disable flow in settings

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