SwiftKey is crashing after SwiftKey 5 update

If your SwiftKey is crashing after the recent update, this is a known issue we are working on.

We have two things you can try to fix this. 

If you are able to access your phone:
  1. Uninstall SwiftKey
  2. Reinstall SwiftKey
*Note* Make sure you have signed into SwiftKey Cloud so you do not lose any of your saved data

If you are not able to able to enter/unlock your device from the lock screen. There is an option to reboot your device into 'Safe Mode' this will boot the device and bypass any third party apps, thus disabling the broken SwiftKey app and allowing you to use the stock keyboard to get into the device.

From there you can test out step 1 or simple turn off SwiftKey in your language and keyboard settings. We recommend not uninstalling as you will want to know when the update comes out.

Here are the steps taken directly from the T-Mobile Support site:

*Note* this step is optional and done at your own risk. It is easy to do, but still done at your own risk. We apologize for this inconvenience.

Turn on and use safe mode (HTC)

Safe mode allows you to turn on the device with third-party apps disabled. Then you can easily remove all apps that may be causing a conflict or software problem. To turn on safe mode and use it to fix app problems, follow these steps: 
  1. From any screen, press and hold the Power key.
  2. Touch and hold Power off.
  3. Tap Restart. When the device restarts, 'Safe mode' will appear in the lower-left corner of the screen.
  4. Navigate to and uninstall any third-party apps which you suspect to be causing problems.

Turn off safe mode (HTC)

To turn off safe mode, follow these steps:
  1. From any screen, press and hold the Power key.
  2. Tap Restart.
  3. Tap Restart again.
When the device restarts, it will no longer be in safe mode.

To visit the direct HTC link go here
For other devices please search "Safe Mode [Your Device]"

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