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  1. A warning on Android says SwiftKey may collect personal data like credit card numbers and passwords. Does it?

  2. Are emoji predicted in my language?

  3. Billing & Store FAQ

  4. Can I get themes and content from the Amazon Store?

  5. Can I give Themes or Content as a present?

  6. Can I install SwiftKey on more than one phone?

  7. Can I move SwiftKey onto my SD card?

  8. Can I purchase Themes and Content through PayPal or other services?

  9. Can I return or get a refund on a theme I purchased?

  10. Can I set SwiftKey to backup and sync automatically?

  11. Can I use SwiftKey Keyboard without the cloud-based services (or just some of them?)

  12. Can I use SwiftKey on both my tablet and phone?

  13. Can I use SwiftKey with more than one language?

  14. Cannot Verify Purchases Error

  15. Capitalization is not working right.

  16. Cloud & Accounts FAQ

  17. Do my themes back up across devices?

  18. Do you store my password when authorizing personalization from other accounts?

  19. Does SwiftKey ask for geolocation?

  20. Does SwiftKey provide typo and spelling correction?

  21. Does SwiftKey replace double spaces with a period/full-stop?

  22. Does SwiftKey support multi-touch? What does it mean for my typing?

  23. Does SwiftKey support themes/skins?

  24. Does SwiftKey Support Themes?

  25. During installation, I am seeing 'The application swiftkey (process com.touchtype.swiftkey) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. Force close or Report' error and cannot reinstall.

  26. Emoji, Languages & Typing FAQ

  27. Flow trails aren't showing up.

  28. Google Checkout times out when I try to add my card. Why?

  29. How are improvements in efficiency and keystrokes calculated?

  30. How can I back up my learned data?

  31. How can I display a central numeric keypad on my device?

  32. How can I ensure Backup & Sync doesn’t use up my Internet Data?

  33. How can I find out which version of SwiftKey I am using?

  34. How can I switch the voice input language?

  35. How do I access SwiftKey's settings?

  36. How do I access the SwiftKey Store?

  37. How do I add a language pack?

  38. How do I add a word to the dictionary, or get rid of a word I don't want?

  39. How do I add/remove a device to SwiftKey Cloud?

  40. How do I change my keyboard layout?

  41. How do I change my physical keyboard settings?

  42. How do I change the account linked to my SwiftKey Cloud?

  43. How do I change the sounds or vibrations that my keyboard makes?

  44. How do I change themes?

  45. How do I claim my Premier Pack?

  46. How do I clear my learned language data?

  47. How do I contact SwiftKey support?

  48. How do I correct mistyped/incorrect words?

  49. How do I delete my SwiftKey Cloud account?

  50. How do I delete/uninstall a language pack?

  51. How do I enable/disable Backup & Sync?

  52. How do I enable/disable Trending Phrases?

  53. How do I flow double letters with SwiftKey?

  54. How do I hide or minimize the keyboard?

  55. How do I insert accented characters?

  56. How do I insert numbers using SwiftKey?

  57. How do I insert one of the small letters above the primary keys?

  58. How do I install SwiftKey?

  59. How do I make SwiftKey change to landscape when I rotate my phone?

  60. How do I personalize my language?

  61. How do I play the SwiftKey Game?

  62. How do I report bugs?

  63. How do I request a feature?

  64. How do I resize my keyboard?

  65. How do I set up Google Wallet?

  66. How do I sign into SwiftKey Cloud?

  67. How do I switch between different keyboards?

  68. How do I transfer my purchase from Amazon App Store to Google Play Store?

  69. How do I turn off AutoCaps?

  70. How do I turn off the tips/notifications?

  71. How do I turn on emoji predictions to make emoji show up in the prediction bar?

  72. How do I turn the number row on / off?

  73. How do I type in two languages (different alphabet)?

  74. How do I type in two languages (same alphabet)?

  75. How do I undock/dock my keyboard?

  76. How do I uninstall SwiftKey?

  77. How do I unsubscribe from SwiftKey product emails?

  78. How do I update my languages?

  79. How do I upgrade to the latest version of SwiftKey?

  80. How do I use Voice to Text with SwiftKey?

  81. How do I withdraw consent to share data with SwiftKey?

  82. How do I?

  83. How do you ensure privacy when accessing my accounts?

  84. How do you know you've saved billions of keystrokes?

  85. How does SwiftKey Cloud work with a new phone or device?

  86. How does SwiftKey ensure privacy when accessing my accounts?

  87. How does the quick punctuation key work?

  88. How many themes can I download at once?

  89. How much Internet data will be used if I have Trending Phrases enabled?

  90. How much space and memory do themes take up?

  91. How/where can I see my SwiftKey Flow info/stats?

  92. I am getting 'package file is invalid' error message when downloading. What do I do?

  93. I don't see any emoji. How do I get them?

  94. I don't see my language listed in downloadable languages. Where is it?

  95. I got SwiftKey Keyboard from another market like Amazon, Nokia, or AndroidPIT. Can I still use it?

  96. I have a suggestion or an idea for you. Where do I put it?

  97. I have an SD card so why am I being told I need an SD card when I try to install?

  98. I have multiple devices using SwiftKey. How can I transfer or share my Language Model from one device to the other?

  99. I just got a new phone, where are the themes and content I bought?

  100. I just got a new phone, where are the themes and content I bought?

  101. I just got a new phone, where are the themes and content I’ve previously bought?

  102. I keep getting a notification saying "Choose input method"

  103. I previously paid for SwiftKey, why do I still have to pay for the Premier Pack?

  104. I purchased a theme successfully, but I am unable to download it. What do I do?

  105. I recently bought SwiftKey Keyboard, can I get a refund?

  106. I upgraded Android OS and now SwiftKey Keyboard is crashing

  107. I've updated my device to Android 4.2 and SwiftKey has disappeared.

  108. If I uninstall SwiftKey and no longer wish to use it, what will happen to my SwiftKey Cloud data?

  109. If I uninstall SwiftKey, will I lose my learned language?

  110. If I upgrade, what will happen to my learned data?

  111. Is my data secure with SwiftKey Cloud?

  112. Is SwiftKey causing my battery to drain quicker than before?

  113. Is there a quick way to delete the last word?

  114. I’ve installed SwiftKey so why does the keyboard on my phone looks the same?

  115. Multiple user accounts on Android 4.2

  116. My currency key on the home keyboard does not match my language/layout selection.

  117. My emoji looks fine from my device but why do they look different on my friend's phone?

  118. My predictions got significantly worse after updating

  119. My SwiftKey Keyboard predictions have disappeared - help!

  120. Performance FAQ

  121. Random words are being capitalized.

  122. SwiftKey is crashing after SwiftKey 5 update

  123. SwiftKey is predicting my password - how do I stop it doing this?

  124. SwiftKey Keyboard is crashing repeatedly

  125. SwiftKey Release notes (changelog)

  126. Themes & Customizations FAQ

  127. There’s a notification asking me to “Select input method” – why?

  128. Updating a language isn't working. How do I fix it?

  129. What are Trending Phrases?

  130. What data is collected / sent while using SwiftKey?

  131. What do I do if 2 factor authentication is causing problems signing into Cloud?

  132. What do I do if I've lost my learned language data?

  133. What exactly is "Personalization"?

  134. What gestures can I use with SwiftKey?

  135. What happens when I press the spacebar?

  136. What is Backup & Sync?

  137. What is Smart Space?

  138. What is SwiftKey Cloud?

  139. What is SwiftKey Flow and how do I enable it?

  140. What is the extended layout? How can I use it?

  141. What is the SwiftKey Store?

  142. What languages does SwiftKey currently support on Android?

  143. What makes SwiftKey's predictions so good?

  144. What Permissions are requested during the installation of SwiftKey and why?

  145. What themes are available in the SwiftKey Store?

  146. What versions of Android OS does SwiftKey Keyboard support?

  147. When I press space, SwiftKey keeps choosing a word for me. How do I turn this off?

  148. When I press the space key, SwiftKey keeps choosing a word for me. How do I turn this off?

  149. Where are the directional/cursor/arrow keys?

  150. Where has my 'Ñ' key gone?

  151. Where has my split/thumb key gone?

  152. Where is the percentage key?

  153. Which themes are free?

  154. Why am I experiencing a lot of lag?

  155. Why am I losing my language pack after reboot?

  156. Why are emoji predictions are wrong in my language?

  157. Why are my emoji black and white?

  158. Why are my emoji different from other apps or iOS?

  159. Why are my personal predictions not working? Troubleshooting

  160. Why aren't my custom predictions working?

  161. Why can't I download my language pack?

  162. Why can't I see SwiftKey on the Google Play Store?

  163. Why can't I undock my keyboard?

  164. Why can’t I access the SwiftKey Store?

  165. Why did my language pack disappear or fail to load?

  166. Why did my settings all change?

  167. Why did the maturity rating change on Google Play?

  168. Why do emoji take up more than one character?

  169. Why do I need a Google account to sign up to SwiftKey Cloud?

  170. Why do I need SwiftKey Cloud to access the SwiftKey Store?

  171. Why do I need to pay for themes?

  172. Why do I sometimes have to long press to get to emoji and other times not?

  173. Why do some themes not have secondary characters? Will long press still work?

  174. Why does my Gmail Personalization keeps failing?

  175. Why does SwiftKey Cloud tell me I have multiple devices?

  176. Why have my prediction boxes changed size?

  177. Why is Smart Space different in different languages in SwiftKey?

  178. Why is SwiftKey is using so much memory?

  179. Why isn't SwiftKey Flow isn't working?

  180. Why isn't the theme I tried to buy showing up?

  181. Why isn't the theme I tried to buy showing up?

  182. Why isn't the thumbnail image showing up on themes?

  183. Why was I charged an extra fee when buying SwiftKey content from the SwiftKey Store?

  184. Why won't SwiftKey work with my Kindle Fire or Nook Color?

  185. Will my SwiftKey Tablet be upgraded?

  186. Will SwiftKey work with my custom ROM?

  187. Will there be new content in the SwiftKey Store?

  188. Will you add my language?

  189. Will you make more new themes?

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