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  1. Cloud & Accounts FAQ

  2. What is SwiftKey Cloud?

  3. How does SwiftKey Cloud work with a new phone or device?

  4. How do I sign into SwiftKey Cloud?

  5. If I upgrade, what will happen to my learned data?

  6. How much Internet data will be used if I have Trending Phrases enabled?

  7. How do I enable/disable Trending Phrases?

  8. Why do I need a Google account to sign up to SwiftKey Cloud?

  9. Can I use SwiftKey Keyboard without the cloud-based services (or just some of them?)

  10. Can I set SwiftKey to backup and sync automatically?

  11. What is Backup & Sync?

  12. How do I enable/disable Backup & Sync?

  13. How can I ensure Backup & Sync doesn’t use up my Internet Data?

  14. Is my data secure with SwiftKey Cloud?

  15. How do I personalize my language?

  16. How do I add/remove a device to SwiftKey Cloud?

  17. How do I change the account linked to my SwiftKey Cloud?

  18. If I uninstall SwiftKey, will I lose my learned language?

  19. If I uninstall SwiftKey and no longer wish to use it, what will happen to my SwiftKey Cloud data?

  20. Why can't I undock my keyboard?

  21. I have multiple devices using SwiftKey. How can I transfer or share my Language Model from one device to the other?

  22. Why does my Gmail Personalization keeps failing?

  23. How do I clear my learned language data?

  24. My SwiftKey Keyboard predictions have disappeared - help!

  25. Why does SwiftKey Cloud tell me I have multiple devices?

  26. I just got a new phone, where are the themes and content I bought?

  27. What do I do if I've lost my learned language data?

  28. How do I delete my SwiftKey Cloud account?

  29. What exactly is "Personalization"?

  30. How does SwiftKey ensure privacy when accessing my accounts?

  31. What are Trending Phrases?

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